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About Me

I believe all bodies of all sizes, shapes, races, cultures, abilities, gender identities, and ages deserve respect, love, and equal access to care.


I value each persons own lived experience.

I practice trauma informed care and have compassion for behaviors built to serve as coping mechanisms or to help with survival on any level. 

I believe I have certain privileges as a healthcare provider to do my own work to dismantle systems of body oppression including weight sigma, ableism, racism, sexism, and healthism.  

I work rooted in a compassionately curious lens so, together, we can gain information about eating behaviors.

I believe in flexible, personalized eating that is a response to internal cues of hunger, satiety, appetite, nutrition, and pleasure.

I believe peace with eating is attainable. 

(These statements are informed by Health At Every Size Principles by the Association of Size Diversity and Health)

Individual Nutrition Counseling

  • ​Explore the fluid definition of health for you without the moral obligation to pursue it's perfect form.

  • Through focused discussion and specific tools I will help you build trust with your body, body signals, and food choices. Yes, you can be trusted with food. I will help bring those skills back up to the surface and decrease the negative static around eating. 

  • Personalized nutrition counseling for chronic diseases/conditions without the prescriptive recommendations, shame, and "never enough" chatter of diet culture. 

  • Build connection with self and give space to unravel diet culture. 


  • Build body acceptance strategies and recognize when to use them.

  • I work best in conjunction with mental health therapy and encourage open communication from everybody on the care team.

  • Parent coaching for selective, sensory, and "picky" eaters to help feel confident your child is getting enough and improve mealtime experience for everybody at the table (not matter what age). 

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